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Who Are We?


We take pride in our work and offer a lifetime guarantee on all our paint and workmanship. As us about our warranty! We appreciate the opportunity to work with all our customers in making sure their vehicles are repaired to their satisfaction. We understand the hardships and stress associated not only with wrecked or damaged vehicles, but also with finding the right facility for the repairs. We work closely with customers and insurance companies to make sure the needed repairs are completed in a timely, professional, and ethical manner. We have been awarded the Award of Excellence from 1967 to 2017 by the Better Business Bureau for "zero complaints" . We look forward to continue serving our customers in the San Francisco Bay Area for years to come. 

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area Since 1959


Kennedy Auto Body and Paint was founded in 1959 by a car enthusiast Lee Kennedy.  His love for cars and ability to work on them was his passion.

59 years later our shop carries on the tradition of high customer service, a passion of restoring cars after a collision or even just a refresh due to age.  Our staff here has been continuously educated on current trends and needs in the collision industry.  Platinum I-CAR Certified employees are highly skilled in repairing cars from a simple Honda to a Maserati.

This family oriented crew works together with their many skills to bring vehicles back to their original condition even after the worst impacts.  Whether it’s a frame alignment on unibody structures, damaged panels, plastic repairs on fuel driven or hybrid vehicles our team can conquer the necessary tasks to get cars back on the road.

Insurance industry backgrounds help our 3 estimators to communicate and work as a team with the authorities paying for the repairs.  Our relationships with the vendors helps us to find the best quality parts allowed in a budget conscious world.

May we have the next dents?

Meet The Owner, James Allen

Since the age of four I have loved and bonded with cars, my ultimate dream in my youth was to get my drivers license and have the privileged of owning and driving as many amazing cars as possible. Now much past my days of 16, I have lived my dream and still to this day have the joy of helping others keep their cars beautiful and safe. there is nothing better than to see the day when a customer can come to my shop and find their car transformed after a misfortune or just years of neglect. I find pleasure in helping others and have created many great friendships through my work. We take great pride in our ability to refresh a vehicle and it shows when our job it done. My years of experience also include auditing for AAA insurance company and Platinum certifications with I-Car and other automobile designations. I was fortunate enough to continue Mr. Kennedy's dream of our shop serving the bay area for over 59 years and providing the "old fashion" service that makes this shop unique.


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